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June markets and Father’s day

June and the good weather are here and it’s the best season to drizzle all your cold soups and salads with plenty of flavor using extra virgin olive oil.

If you wonder what’s the best olive oil for your food it’s all down to your palate and the panel taste group judging oils at international competitions but as your own personal taste there’s nobody else!

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, a good extra virgin olive oil will be fruity, bitter and with some degree of pungency in your throat when tasting it raw.

The oils coming from an early harvest when olives are picked in green and purple colour tend to be more aromatic and bitter than when collected at riping point which become more sweeter /less bitter

A good extra virgin with reminiscences of almonds , nuts and walnuts and plenty of flavor is the blend from varieties picual and empeltre from Montsagre. When tasting at market you can immediately appreciate how good it is and every surprises it reminds you all these dry fruits. You can use it for your green salads and on top of tomatoes and avocado.

If you prefer higher levels of bitterness and aromas in the oils then I can recommend Mas Auro blend from argudell and arbequina varieties, full of aromas you’ll enjoy every single drop on your food

As father’s day is approaching and weekends are for family and friends time in the garden, why don’t your prepare some sauces with extra virgin olive oil from Spain ?

You’ll see how yummy your meats will become after the BBQ time and adding quality extra virgin olive oil to garlic, basil and other herbs.

Another suggestion for father’s day would be a set of aromatic olive oils from Oli Migjorn. If you love garlic then the option is the capper, garlic and hot pepper, if you like a milder oil then go for the tomato and thyme.

To promote sales at Father’s day I’d like to offer a bag of olives tea bags when buying Concorde evoo

Send me an email Elena@spanishgastrolarder.co.uk and I’ll activate the shipment