Olive oil tasting at Wimbledon

Olive oil tasting wimbledon market

For those of you who love evoo and would like to taste before you buy and get some recommendations Im going to bring all my oils into Wimbledon village on Sunday 4th august

It’s a new market opening from 930am until 3pm in the main high street and I will bring these varieties: picual, empeltre, blend of picual and empeltre  and farga not to forget  the infused with tomato, basil, boletus and garlic

Empeltre is native to Tarragona area and is the oldest variety to be found in Spain with precedence from the Romans who settled in Tarraco a couple of millenniums ago!

Markets are a great opportunity to buy quality ingredient and evoo is the main vegetal fat you can fuel your body with!

The health benefits are numerous but the good point is to buy it because you love the taste and you have ideas how to use it whether with pasta, salads, sauces, on top of bread or soups.

These are oils harvested when the olive is turning into purple colour so they are full of aromas and flavours,  bitterness and pungency are highly appreciated and depending on which variety it has reminiscences of tomatoes, green herbs,almonds, pepper.  What do you look for in an olive oil ? does it surprise you how fresh they can be ? do you prefer evoo very very peppery ? the volatile components go away with time and the non volatiles are the fatty acids, you can distinguish a good olive oil when its fatty acids are among 0.2%  with a maximum of 0.8% for the EU to allow it to call evoo

Be generous always with the quantity, don’t be afraid of putting on weight just the opposite, evoo is a fat beneficial for the heart and blood circulation, it helps prevent many illnesses and its continuous intake will leave you with a better skin and health strength.

I hope I see you on Sunday 4th August at the market for the olive oil tasting , you will not be disappointed! The address is 37 High Street Wimbledon SW19 5BY