Organic September 2020

Organic September brings us the opportunitity to promote the work of Mis Raices Olive Oil and some recipes from Bajo Aragon culinary creations by two chefs who published the book attached in the picture "La cocina del aceite de oliva del Bajo Aragon".

Members of Denominacion de Origen Bajo Aragon and Extra Virgin Alliance the toughest association rules to comply by when growing and extracting the juice from the olive fruits assure a top quality produce.

Moreno Pastor family has been growing olive trees, harvesting and extracting the juice since 4 generations , with the purpose of discovering to the world the taste of authenticity and tradition of their roots.  At Oliete village temperatures vary between 1 and 35 degrees which make it ideal to grow and harvest Empeltre and Arbequina olives varieties.

Empeltre is an unique variety to the area and one of the anciest in Spain. It ripens early between October and late December. Empeltre word comes from the Catalan “empelt” which means graft, grafting is the only way a new three is grown.

The harvest period is throughout the months of October and November and the cold press process starts in less than 12 hours after manual harvesting from the trees

Organics roots comes from specific groves following organic certification methods and the blend is 60% empeltre and 40% arbequina which gives clear reminiscences of the olive fruit, almonds and walnuts. Latest October harvest.

The nose recalls a medium fruity intensity where we may enjoy hints of fresh grass.


At mouth level it flows, and its bitterness, spiciness and sweetness are highlighted by its equilibrium and intensity. If we analyse the tasting notes we find a delicate, medium intensity and sweet olive oil.


Sweet onion soup

200ml e.v.o.o. Mis Raices Organic roots

4 medium size sweet onions

Black pepper


50g cured ham optional

Peel and cut in “julianna technique” ( thin and long slices) the onions

Poach them into 100 ml e.v.o.o. just before boiling point

Separate from e.v.o.o. and add 2 tablespoons of water and let it evaporate

Grind the onion and add 100ml of e.v.o.o. until you get a thin puree

Add black pepper

If you wish you can add some Spanish cured ham and make it double delicious!

Platano frito Martinica / Martinica Fried Banana

50ml ev.o.o. Premium roots

4 bananas (from Canary islands or elsewehere)

200gr brown glass

4 vanilla ice cream coups

30ml Grand Marnier or Cointreau

Orange skin peeled

Heat the e.v.o.o. at medium temperature on a pan

Roll the bananas on brown rice and fry until sugar turns into caramel slightly. Leave aside.

Add 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and stir until it caramelizes slightly. Add orange skin and Grand Marnier or Cointreau and flambé.

Add the flambé on the bananas and ice cream on each individual plate. Enjoy!!!