Summer time

June is back!

It's been now more than 2 months under lockdown in UK, how are you managing it ?
Hope you're doing well and if you're heading frequently to the fridge it's for tasty & healthy products.
Enjoy the anticipated  British summer time with tastiest olives, marcona almonds, cured ham and chorizo, piquillo peppers and gazpacho!
Awarded Extra Virgin Olive Oils
New York Olive Oil competition results are out!

More than 850 samples from all over the world were tested and classified by variety and style: mild, medium, intense.

For the 4th consecutive year Picual variety from Montsagre in Terra Alta has been awarded a Gold Medal at Medium intensity category. It's a recognition to their quality and efforts taking care of all the process from growing the olive trees in an organic grove to their harvesting and extraction technique.
It's got a slightly bitter and spicy touch, characteristic of early harvest, and hints of fresh grass and green fruit.

For the 1st time Arbequina from Oli Migjorn has been awarded a Silver Medal. It's an intense green fruity profile with ripe notes. In the mouth, it is spicy, a little sweet and has a clear astringency. There are secondary vegetal flavors, with clear connotations of cut herbs and fruit (artichoke or tomato) or almond or good herbs, as well as floral or almond notes.

Mas Auro did not participate at NYOO competition this year but it's included in Flos Olei guide as one the best 500 extra virgins olive oils worldwide.

Mis Raices Empeltre obtained an award at Terra Olivo competition celebrated in Israel.
A fruity tasting olive oil is obtained from this fantastic blend which is yellow in colour, with gold undertones. Moreover the aromas are of a medium - high intensity, reminding us of fresh grass as well as tomato and artichoke, with the fennel notes that are characteristic of empeltre olives.

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