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St Josep cooperativa

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Harvest 2022/2023

Sant Josep wines in Priorat - Massis del Port 1898

Olive variety  Empeltre

Style is medium green fruity, balanced.
Medium-high green fruity. Well balance, soft and complex. Notes of grass and green, walnuts and flowers. It also offers notes of almond and strawberry. 

If this is the first time you taste it, try it with some untoasted bread.

Once you’ve done that, you can spice up salads of all kinds, grilled pepper and eggplant, barbecued tomatoes, carpaccios, soups, creams and any dish where you miss a bit of olive oil.

It is an excellent option for seasoning toasted bread and bread with tomato for breakfast or dinner.

It is an excellent option for a gift.

 DO “Oli de Terra Alta”

Harvest and extraction date: October 31th and 2th November

Oil / Olives (kg/kg): 19.7%

Maximum acidity (expressed in oleic acid): 0.13%

Bottling date: December 2022

Production: 1000 bottles x 500 ml