Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rojal 1789


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Harvest 2022/2023

Rojal variety limited edition organic from Priordei

The “Terroir” and the microclimate conditions of the Mountain range of the Montsant, with very cold winters and hot summers makes Priordei an exceptional and unique extra
virgin olive oil.

Intense green fruity extra virgin oil. In the mouth it is spicy and bitter, with a slight
sweetness that is hidden by the astringency characteristic of this type of olive oil. It is an
olive oil rich in vegetable-type secondary aromas, mainly cut grass, tomato and green
almond with notes of green walnuts, fennel and artichoke, and connotations of fig leaf
and mint. The combination, which is powerful and complex, helps enhance the flavours
of the food it accompanies. Highly recommended for people who like to enjoy intense

Awarded at New York olive oil competition with a silver award for harvest 2022/2023

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