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Casas de Hualdo

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Casas de Hualdo

This Arbequina from Casas de Hualdo is targeted to families with kids to introduce them into healthy eating habits choosing extra virgin olive oil as their main liquid fat and source of vitamins to dress their meals: pasta, pizza, rice or baking time replacing butter for extra virgin olive oil.

Full of different aromas, this extra virgin olive oil is characterised in being a medium intensity oil with a predominance of fruity notes over bitter and spicy ones.

In it, one can find reminiscences to the tomato plant, fresh cut grass, artichoke, apple and banana. When tasting it, one can appreciate its structure and smoothness, which make it truly interesting.

It belongs to harvest 17/18

The packaging size is 250ml

It is 80% Arbequina and 20% a blend of manzanilla. cornicabra and picual which are the other varieties grown by this family olive grove.

Casas de Hualdo is from Toledo in central Spain.