best arbequina olive oil

Best Arbequina Olive Oil

Oli Migjorn

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Monocultivar

Harvest 2020/2021

Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is from ecologic agriculture, produced in Catalonia in the Bages area surrounded by pine trees and local fauna. 

Ingredients: 100% olive oil juice, obtained by mechanical procedures, cold extraction, organic farming

Migjorn Arbequina has an intense green fruity profile with ripe notes. In the mouth, it is spicy, a little sweet and has a clear astringency. There are secondary vegetal flavours, with clear connotations of cut herbs and fruit (artichoke or tomato) or almond or good herbs, as well as floral or almond notes

Fruitiness: mild

Bitterness: mild

Pungency: mild

Food pairing: roasted potatoes, sautee asparagus, semi-soft cheeses.

3 generations elaborating extra virgin olive oil with the utmost care and love for the terroir.

Quality is one of the spearheads of the project, fieldwork, ecological treatment, the choice of harvest time and the use of modern machinery for oil production are the key. Migjorn focuses on goumet products , quality, and proximity.

The favourite cultivar among Catalan population, this is the best olive oil you can use to match with all your ingredients and maximize your delight.

Awarded with a Silver medal at Official Index of World´s Best Olive Oil in May 2020

Bottled in  December 2020


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