Luxury Spanish Empeltre black  olives

Empeltre black olives


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Black olives from Bajo Aragon by Mallafre.

Olives are categorized according to their size and they are stored in our oil presses or underground deposits, where Mallafre adds water to the olives and then salt, if necessary.

The oil presses are regularly checked during the whole process of natural fermentation. When the olives are ready, they are classified by hand and any broken or split olives are thrown away. Once this process is complete, the olives are packaged.

The process is totally natural; we do not use any additives or preservatives.

What's the difference between green and black olives ? The hours of sun received, black olives stay longer on the tree, they are harvested later in the year and their taste and properties are unique and differenciated.

Black olives in small size jar 220g