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Can Catala olive oils

Oli Can Catala

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Olis Can Catala consist of 3 varieties typical from Catalonia region: farga, morruda and sevillenca extra virgin olive oil.

Farga is a medium fruity oil with reminiscences to apple, green almond, tomato leaves and fennel and it reminds to artichoke and tender onion on the nose. In the mouth, it reminds artichokes and nuts with medium bitterness and a final touch of black pepper.

Sevillenca: its green colour and intense fruitiness will remind you of a ripe olive and it has very complex aromas: banana skin, ripe apple and pears which also remind artichokes, green almonds and rosemary. It has a light bitterness and a final touch of pepper which lasts a few seconds.

Morruda: on the nose, it reminds lemon touches, green apple and almonds, artichoke and fennel, it has a medium-high green olive taste. It has a very subtle pepperiness, bitterness is low but persistent.

Can Catala is located at 176 metres altitude in Roquetes.

Five generations have been taking care of the 700 olive groves.

These varieties are a staple at any Catalan food recipe and though less well-known they add a delicious taste to meals.

They hold a Kiwa certification.

When people ask is olive oil good for your skin? From farmers to chefs to doctors all agree it is beneficial when taking daily in your meals as it contains squalene which is a natural ingredient which hydrates the skin.

Can Catala package contain 3 oils which you can consume for breakfast, lunch and dinner and using them daily with your meals will benefit you enormously.