Mis Raices Premium

Mis Raices Premium

Mis Raices

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

Mis Raices extra virgin olive oil is from ecologic agriculture, produced in Bajo Aragon. A medium-high fruity intensity bouquet is perceived in the nose, with notes of fresh grass and a delicate touch of fennel (typical of the Empeltre variety). In the palate it shows a smooth entry, with a sweetness standing out over  bitterness and a dash of spice. There are also nutty flavours like walnuts and almonds, both characteristic flavours of the Empeltre variety. Ecological.

Ingredients: 100% olive oil juice, obtained by mechanical procedures, cold extraction, organic farming



Fruity: 4.7 points

Bitter: 3.6 points

Spicy: 4.1 points

Sweet: 4.6 points

80% Empeltre and 20% Arbequina olives