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Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Picual cultivar from Catalonia region, Terra alta area.

Harvest 2021/2022

Extra virgin olive oil from non-intensive and ecological cultivation by Montsagre family farmers .

It is an intense oil with a fruity characteristic flavor without acidic sensations, with a slightly bitter and spicy touch characteristic of early harvest, and hints of fresh grass and green fruit, which persists on the palate and offers a distinctive experience.

It is considered particularly suitable for raw vegetable salads, boiled or grilled vegetables, toasts, seafood, carpaccio, vinaigrettes, background mirror in pates, meats, pastas, sauces and emulsions, marinades giving reply to a good vinegar, cheeses, pastries, chocolate, fruits and honey.

For its wealth of natural antioxidants and polyphenols it is particularly suitable for raw or cooked canned food

Awarded as Best in Class at New York International Olive Oil Competition in 2018 & Olive Japan.

Awarded Gold in NYOOC 2020 , four consecutive years in a row.

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