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Olives Tapenade trio

Spanish Gastro Larder

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Spanish green olives & anchovies, green olives & anchovies & piquillo peppers, black olives & aubergines with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and lemon is the composition of this trio of tapenade / patenade.

Get the trio of Spanish olive tapenades and enjoy with your guests & family as starters or on your daily afternoon toast and wine when you get home.

This trio makes the perfect combination for those who love anchovies and olives and for the ones who prefer not to eat fish ( black olives and aubergines). The option with sweet read Spanish piquillo peppers is my best seller at market stalls.

Olive tapenade is very popular in regions such as Catalonia, with these olives from Andalucia and piquillo peppers from Navarra you will enjoy a very tasty starter.

You can add on top of pasta, rice, white fish and toasts with some cheese on top of the tapenade...it's so delicious!