April news

Last March I went to Madrid to World Olive Oil Exhibition trading fair.

It was an interesting event with participants from many countries including Morocco and South Africa

There were tasting sessions and cooking demonstrations with extra virgin olive oil by chefs from different regions of Spain offering new and traditional recipes

It was a good experience meeting potential new suppliers for more varieties of evoo from other regions of Spain. Jaen and Cordoba producers  had a massive representation as well as Toledo region.

There were several conferences held and an olive oil bar where we could taste as much evoo as  we liked for unlimited time and bottles.

One of the conferences I attended had the title of “Explain, taste and conquer” how to sell extra virgin olive oil in international markets

The UK market sells massive figures in super market chains under their own brand at a price which is impossible to justify to small producers so we need to improve our communication techniques to make the market aware of the quality of the products we offer.

I invite you to come and visit my weekly market stall in north London to taste the evoo I sell online prior to buying if you are interested and having a conversation about the health benefits of olive oil and its good taste!

Another of the conferences held in Madrid exhibition was about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil category. It was conducted by Dr Simon Poole from Cambridge . In previous posts I’ve mentioned the book he wrote to promote the Olive Oil diet and he dedicated one hour to a conference to explain the numerous rewards of following a Mediterranean diet drizzle with evoo.

I’ll be trading the following weekends around London:

27th April : Hampstead covered market

28th April: Tottenham Green

4th May: Hampstead

5th May: Myddleton road

11th May: Hampstead covered market

12th May: Tottenham green (my birthday)

18th May: Hampstead covered market

19th Tottenham green

25th May Hampstead