You’ll be able to purchase online gourmet Spanish products selected with taste, quality and health in mind. The Mediterranean Spanish landscape is covered with olive and almond trees since thousands of years ago leading to a rich historical elaboration of superior gastronomic products which you have now the chance to buy and enjoy in the UK.

The river Ebro provides best vegetables, rice and herbs along its way and you'll be able to cook in under 15 minutes delicious Spanish rice dishes with mushroom rice and dress it with organic salts & herbs from la Conca del Barbera area.

From the region of Catalonia,Valencia, Murcia and Toledo we source the best extra virgin olive oil from olive farmers carefully selected for their organic practices, international awards and commitment to sustainability with their environment and free from chemicals practices.

From Andalucia, you'll get their olives and plenty of other delicious products such as Marcona almonds roasted with extra virgin olive oil and salt, chocolate with extra virgin olive oil and other ingredients such as ginger, spices, sherry wine and raisins.

Hope you enjoy them and enable you to follow a Mediterranean diet and tasty cooking. Stay in touch reading my blog, buying the products and cooking the recipes!

Thanks, gracias!

Elena Gracia