Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Artisan Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Spain.

A selection of most representative olive cultivars from Andalucia, Catalonia, Aragon and Castille regions.

Unique tasting notes, organic certified, a pleasure on your table for gourmet cooks and chefs, the most representative Mediterranean diet ingredient.

Exclusive distribution in UK Awarded at several international competitions.

  • Best Spanish “Ripe Fruity” EVOO : Arbequina Escornalbou
  • Evooleum Top100 publishing guide: Mas Auro Argudell
  • Evoo Awards 2020
  • World's Top100 Extra Virgin Olive
  • Oils GUIDE 2020/21
  • Mezquita Gran Oro Award 2022 The Legend 
  • Best 2022 Ripe Fruity EVOO “Gran Oro” in Spain.
  • New York olive oil competition 2022/2023 : Rojal 1789