August markets and Festa major

I hope  you've had a great time this July   the heat wave reminded me of Spain summer weather  and I  had plenty of gazpacho , salads dressed with olives and olive oil, ice cream and Pimms replacing the  sangria as I love this drink :-)

Following the Mediterranean diet is key to prevent many illnesses and this good weather period has made it easier to choose from fresh vegetables and fruits and top them all with olive oil for my pleasure! 

I'll be going to markets in  Venn st on 11th and 25th with the  extra virgin olive oil and in Wandsworth town train station on 4th and 18th of August 

If you have the opportunity to go to a Fiesta Mayor in Spain this August do it. Otherwise you can join me in Catalans UK Festa Major on 18th August in Waterloo  creative studios SE1 7LG where we will have butifarrada ( sausage with  tomato bread and olive oil ) ,olives and beers with music and gymkama time. Festa Major is the time when villages celebrate their saint patron and all gather to participate in cultural and sports activities and finish with a popular meal and a gig to dance until late in the evening.

If you fly to Spain then enjoy it and make time to go to an olive grove to visit it and enjoy good extra virgin olive oil in their natural environment. Olive mills will be open for selling and showing the site but harvesting time starts from late September so you won't see the elaboration process .

For any reccomendations please contact me.