Breast awareness month

It’s breastcancer awareness month

For the last 11 days of the month I’m joining the campaign and offering a 5% discount on all extra virgin olive oils to raise awareness and promote healthy eating, free chemicals and full taste.

On Friday 23rd and Sunday 25th I’ll be wearing PINK to support women who suffer from this illness which is somehow preventable following a Mediterranean diet and way of eating / living.

The consumption of extra virgin olive oil is not only a delicious way to drizzle your food but an ancient culture and way of prevent many  health risks. The Greek and Roman societies promoted oil, wine, bread ,culture and sport, let’s do it all !

The latest reports show a less percentage of women suffering from breast cancer when they follow a diet intense in extra virgin olive oil ( Greece as an example of high consumption per capita and low numbers of breast cancer deaths).

Get a 5% discount on all extra virgin olive oils, type PINK at checkout on the right hand side after inserting your data.

Chocolates with extra virgin olive oil are available again!

Figs and sherry, spicy, ginger, violet petals and honey cream.

These are handmade by a cooperative of women in the south of Spain. Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and other ingredients give this dark chocolate bar a unique combination. It’s only available in autumn and winter times when temperatures drop in Andalucia and goods can get shipped without compromising quality.

Gift health and purchase some for yourself or for friends.