I know it´s still lockdown period but for me it’s time for celebrations….it´s my birthday  this week!

From Friday 15th until Thursday 21st May  special discount 5 % on orders above £40 to UK postcodes

Special birthday code BDG (Birth Day Girl) when checking out and it will deduct 5%

Spread the word among family, friends, Spanish food lovers, Spanish holiday goers, your neighbours, your work colleagues , they can all get a 5% discount and quick delivery service !!

How do I keep so young you may wonder ? My answer….I follow a Mediterranean diet eating plenty of olives, marconas, walnuts, everything is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and I walk quite frequently.

Some ideas to follow to celebrate life in a healthy way:

Breakfast: tea with olive leaves, yogurt with a spoon of Argudell extra virgin olive oil & walnuts.

Zoom moments: chocolate with extra virgin olive oil & cayenne pepper or chocolate & honey cream

Healthy lunch: Gazpacho, rice with porcini cooked as risotto  and bonito del Norte with piquillo peppers.

Walking the dog: a handful of walnuts, hazelnuts, marcona almonds or pistaccios (bags of 1 kilo more economical and less plastic)

Light dinner : White asparagus with anchovies and  balsamic vinegar,  ham with a tomato toast and extra virgin olive oil.

Netflix moments: gazpacho, marcona almonds and green olives with garlic.                                                       

Bank holiday special plan ahead: green olives with almonds, gazpacho, chorizo with tomato toast & chocolate with extra virgin olive oil & honey cream for a sweet palate.

Birthday gifts: offer a bottle of premium extra virgin olive oil as a birthday gift to a loved one, it’s original, practical and healthy. The bottle will stay in their hands and memories for a month. Parents, siblings, in-laws, BFF will appreciate it.


Thanks so much in advance and I hope you have a great week ahead