February blog

Some updates regarding my market days: I’ll be trading now at a new market in Archway North London at N19 3TD with the full range of products: , olives, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and aromatics in addition to my regular Hampstead market on Saturdays and Tottenham Green on Sundays.

Archway market is up and running since a few years ago with a selection of vegs, bread, French cheeses, a French bakery and arts & crafts so I’ve had a good welcome by neighbours who enjoy buying fresh olives and olive oil from independent producers.

St Valentine’s is approaching so it’s the perfect time to gift a bottle of health to your dearest one.

So far everyone gives flowers and chocolate....on this occasion you can purchase chocolate bars with extra virgin olive oil which prove very popular at the weekly markets and are unique in the UK.These are hand-made by a cooperative of women from Jaen which is the biggest olive oil producer area in the world and they add other ingredients such as popular sherry wine, cayenne pepper or ginger. Make this year your first year buying extra virgin olive oil as a gift to your foodie love, it’s the best way to show you care about her offering just a natural product with vitamins and properties which last up to 2 years.

I’ve added to the range of products one of the most beautiful bottles I’ve seen so far in the market Hojiblanca deluxe by Deortegas

Have a look at the image, gift it and let me know her reaction.