July news

Summer period

Finally, summer is here in full swing in the UK!

Spain is right now suffering unusual high temperatures which may affect the quality of extra virgin olive oil production at the end of the season. Farmers are checking how fast the olives are growing, the harvest season may start sooner than expected if temperatures remain as high as they are now.

The hours of sun, water or rain, quality of the soil, harvest methodology and production techniques have an impact on extra virgin olive oil. This is the best time to enjoy fresh salads with lettuce, tomatoes or fruits. Extra virgin olive oil can be consumed for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s always a drizzle or plenty to add to your meals to enhance the taste and add health to your body.

When people request what’s the difference between the oils I sell I explain to them there’s plenty to learn!

Each variety of olive offers different results, similar to grapes or apples there are plenty of varieties up to 260 in Spain. I offer the most traditional Catalan varieties which are arbequina, empeltre, farga, morruda and sevillenca. The main one is Arbequina originally from the village of Arbeca and now you can find it all around the world as it’s an olive variety which is very productive, farmers get plenty of olives per tree and per season and you obtain a tasty evoo highly appreciated for its lack of extreme bitterness and reminiscences of tomato and banana fruits. Empeltre, on the contrary, reminds almonds and walnuts and is particularly astringent, it leaves a long perception on the throat.

You have the opportunity to buy online or  at the following markets in July

6th July in Hampstead covered market

7th July in Wimbledon farmers market

13th July in Hampstead covered  market

14th july in Wimbledon

20th july in Hampstead

28th july in Wimbledon