Festa Major in London

Spanish Gastro Larder will be celebrating Festa Major with Catalans UK

I'm originally from Barcelona area so I know how popular Festa Majors are all over Catalonia and the rest of Spain.

They are very famous in August time, nearly each village holds one Festa Major around 15th August when there’s a saint patron celebration.

In Barcelona city Festes Majors de Gracia are taking place now with all the streets from Gracia neighbourhood decorated with different topics.Throughout  the rest of Spain and many villages people gather for gimkana, leisure activities around their village, popular lunches or dinners around gigantic paellas, fish or sausages depending on each village and region. Families and friends buy tickets at popular prices and they all gather in very long tables for long dinners with plenty of wine, tomato bread and extra virgin olive oil and fish or meat and coca (bread with sugar) or chocolate con churros (very popular dish in London as well ;-) ) All these dinners finish with gigs and dancing till late in the night, anyone who’s away from their parents and grandparents villages love returning to them for Festa Major days.

In the South of Spain there’s popular Feria de Malaga where you can meet them all in casetas dancing till late in the night and eating fish called espetos and drinking fino predominantly.

My range of products come from all over Spain, olives from Andalucia and the extra virgin olive oil from Catalonia region. If you want to taste them and enjoy a Festa Major time in London join us this Saturday 18th August in Waterloo Creative Studios SE1 7LG , you can buy tickets there and eat butifarra (sausages), beer and olives !

The picture for the blog is from a village  in Tarragona, the village is Mas de Barberans. It’s a very large area where Romans and Arabs settled and grew olive trees since many centuries ago. The Montsagre olive oil comes from nearby village Horta de Sant Joan, an extraordinary area to grow olive, almonds and fig trees, more on next blog!