London markets and LOOC

London markets and LOOC

New season in full swing with constant changing weather so characteristic of British season

Americans say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and Spanish say “ a few olives a day keeps the doctor away”

It´s the season to eat plenty of fresh salads, organize BBQ, stay long hours outdoors with a good bowl of Spanish olives and marconas. I cant think of a better way to impress your friends and guests to your lunches than with Spanish olives and nuts.

I´ve included a bigger range of nuts to London markets sessions with dried figs, hazelnuts, pistaccios, walnuts. Would you like to meet in the new north London zero waste market starting from June?

N22 zero waste will take place on first Saturday of every month in Wood green area. Please bring your own Tupperware and I’ll sell olives and nuts by weight so we reduce waste and plastic consumption. We’ll serve the nuts in paper bags as we’ve been doing since we started trading but at N22 the olives will be weighted. I can serve in plastic recyclable and you can bring it the following month and fight against waste.

Going south I’ll be in a new market taking place in Allfarthing school courtyard with extra virgin olive oil and the whole range of products: olive tapenade, aromatic olive oils, cream milk cheese and the olive leaf bags. It’s 930 to 1330pm every Saturday and on Sundays with the same organization at Wimbledon market.

The award winning session for LOOC will take place this Sunday 12th May at Hilton riverside in Canada water area in south London.

You have the opportunity to taste plenty of extra virgin olive oil for free and meet the producers and distributors of the marvelous oils which participated this year at the London Olive Oil competition. The judge panel tasters belong to many countries and had a tough time to select which oils deserve a medal for its quality in 3 different categories: robust ,medium and delicate.

If you cant assist but cant live without good olives and nuts and dress your food with best taste and quality extra virgin olive oils please shop online and I’ll deliver by post