All of the reasons to follow the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet  is rich in a range of products from fruits to vegs,legumes, grains, fish,meats and wine  all consumed in moderation and the key ingredient is extra virgin olive oil dressing all the plates and giving them plenty of taste.

Considered a liquid fat which is necessary to our body in moderate quantities and overall quality: no refine oils or altered by chemicals, just the 4 keywords(extra virgin olive oil )  which identify the juice from the olive extracted with mechanical means but no chemical process in the making.

Extracting the oil from the fruit doesn’t include artificial or chemical ingredients, all you get in a bottle is   the juice from a fruit which has such level of vitamins and antioxidants that its best before day is up to 2 years from harvesting time depending on each variety.

For me the key is to use it in every dish, from a slice of bread and tomato drizzled with farga oil in the morning and a yogurt with honey ,  almonds and a tea-table spoon of picual ,it adds plenty of flavour and you start with plenty of energy.

In the winter period when you think of food to fight the cold weather you can always add evoo to your creams,soups,  stews or roast potatoes with herbs and make them very tasty and good for your heart and blood circulation and bones. You can replace butters and margarines with evoo  and start cooking a healthier diet for yourself and your family, you can even use evoo to bake brownies!

Consuming the fruit (olives) or the juice (evoo) helps build your immune system and it’s recommended from early stages of infancy to adulthood.

The Mediterranean diet includes as well the social part of eating with family or friends and the stroll in the park or walk through the village to exercise and  to keep your mind and body fit for your own enjoyment.

Take a few minutes and browse which evoo you’d like to buy and consume by looking at the link and grab a kilo of most delicious marcona almonds available in London, separate them into jars and take with you to the office as a healthy snack