New markets for olive oil,Wimbledon!

Good news !

I’ll be trading this weekend in Wimbledon piazza with all my favorite products, the olives from Andalucia and the extra virgin olive oil from Catalonia region.

It’s a monthly market taking place Saturday and Sunday but I’m only available this Sunday 1st of July, I hope you can meet me there if you live nearby. I’m sure I’ll meet lots of tennis fans on their way to the tennis lawn.

I’m delighted to keep expanding the business around south west London and adding more markets such as Love Wimbledon.

Last week I took some days off to go to Spain and visit Mas Auro to give them the awards collected at London Olive Oil Competition back in May for their blend Gironis

The week before I held an olive oil tasting in Earsfield and it was a great success in spite of the transport problems the assistants suffered to get there.

We tasted all the oils and the arbequina variety was the most purchased after the session

Few people are aware of the differences between oils and why we get such different tasting notes if olives are harvested at different stages of their maturity process and the olive variety is a serrana, a picual or an empeltre or how climate affects the quality of an extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil is nature in a bottle, as such it deteriorates with time, the fresher the oil the better for your health. Picual is the variety which contains higher number of poliphenols which are the natural chemical compounds which help prevent many illnesses.

 It's your choice to decide which one you like most.

I invite you to come this Saturday to Venn St market and on Sunday to Love Wimbledon to taste & decide ( SW19 4EU)

See you there!