Oli Migjorn is a project born in 2007, with the desire to recover the Migjorn estate, located in the Cardener Valley, in the south of Cardona, Barcelona. It is a project dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and production of organic extra virgin olive oil

Quality, the recovery of the local variety and the synergy with the territory are their day-to-day goals.  Quality is one of the spearheads of the project, field work, ecological treatment, the choice of harvest time and the use of modern machinery for oil production are the key. Gourmet products , quality, and proximity are their values.

Since I started distributing evoo in UK they have supported me with their knowledge and supplied good extra virgin olive oil which delights consumers.

Arbequina variety is a tiny olive its weight is 1.20 grams. From that tiny origin we can obtain a non bitter oil, a little bit pungent and slightly spicy.

It ‘s adored by chefs as it combines well with all the ingredients, it’s not a dominant taste, it lets other ingredients dominate the palate

The olive tree produces plenty of fruits regularly , it can cope well very cold weathers and adapts very well to different climates and soils, nowadays there are more trees growing  outside Catalonia than in its original region

Nearby river Cardener they are in the fruity county closest to Barcelona the altitude  is 600 metres above sea level and they dedicate their time to grow arbequina, picual and the local variety corbella which is recovered from decades ago

Arbequina is the most extended variety in Catalonia and highly appreciated around Spain

Ask anyone and they always add arbequina when preparing tomato bread and charcuterie or “allioli” garlic and olive oil to add to paellas or fideuas

It received an award at Singapore olive oil competition highlighting the preferences of the public.