Spanish Olive Oil Experiences

I’m so excited to start this blog and sell online!

I’d like to thank you for following this blog and keep you updated with valuable information and recipes to create using the products I’m selling online  as well as learning a little bit more about the world of olive oil with me.

I’ve recently finished one week of intense studies with EVA and IRTA in Barcelona after several months learning by myself reading books and participating in tastings in UK.

The course title was Tools for the trade: tasting, testing and understanding olive oil

We were 20 students from all over the world UK, Europe, Asia, North and South America and teachers from Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, United States and Australia!

Olive oil is grown in all these countries and due to its importance it has been planted with some success in China to start feeding their population with this tasty and nutritious product

 It was an intense week of training, tasting, learning and sharing our opinions and understanding and misconceptions.

From theory to practise, I loved every session from the hedonistic tasting of the oils and its attributes and to the scientific knowledge and studies behind the natural compounds of qualified extra virgin olive oil.

It’s considered the key ingredient in the Mediterranean diet that makes our population live longer and healthier lives and that’s all we want, enjoy live!!

For lunch we had every day this simple recipe with some of the oils we were tasting:

Pa amb tomaquet I oli – Catalan toast –Tomato bread and olive oil

I would use Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and Mediterranean sea salts from my website to elaborate it.

Cut the bread in small or large slices as per preference, toast them.

Cut the ripe tomatoes in half and with the cheese grater get each half grated and drizzle Arbequina extra virgin olive oil over the tomatoes

Add some salt with herbs or just sea salt

Enjoy the toast with the e.v.o.o.!


Spanish Gastro Larder