What is extra virgin olive oil for you ?

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil?


Ask a farmer and they will say it’s sabor, salud, felicidad It is flavour, health and happiness.

It’s a way of dressing food, cooking, eating and living and honour culinary traditions.

For me ,it’s my healthy option and way of eating, a link to my territory, landscape and origins.

It’s a joyful discovery to source varieties among farmers all over Spain and distribute them in UK.

It’s about opening up conversations with customers in the markets asking about their preferences in style and the impact it will have when buying one variety or another.

Last but not least, consuming extra virgin olive oil from green or ripe olives, early harvest, at their optimum moment of collection (envero) or at ripe stage will always be beneficial for your health.

Some practical uses in the kitchen:

Drop some oil into toasted bread, add salt or tiny bit of sugar and ciannamon, such a phantastic small snack.

Drizzle green picual on a few tomatoes or grilled aubergine and add that to fresh pasta, awesome first dish.

What a wonderful season is autumn with longer evenings to enjoy delicious meals at home.

Buy some artisan dark chocolate with 5% extra virgin olive oil & enjoy an early Halloween movie.

Ever tasted tea from olives leaves ? Brew some water and add the organic leaves for a unique tea taste and all the benefits of the olive tree.

Now it’s the time to take care of the quality of your food and nutrients.

No chemicals added through the process of obtaining extra virgin olive oil, just natural good taste!

With plenty of pumpkins now available at market stalls add some bitter cornicabra and herbs, roast them and enjoy a delicious meal for all the family.

Autumn already at our doorsteps take a look at new recipes with Pumpkins and extra virgin olive oil Bunuelos de calabaza from Valencia