February Gift olive oils and books

Gift a  bottle of extra virgin olive oil and a book for St Valentine’s

I’ve just recently bought another book about olive oil to increase my knowledge about this complex and interesting world.

The Olive Oil Masterclass: Lessons from a Professional Olive Oil Sommelier

It’s written by an olive oil sommelier who has studied in Italy and USA: Wilma Van Grinsven-Padberg

I hope I can learn a lot from her and can share some tips with you in future blogs.

As part of my learning period I would like to recommend you some books written about olive oil and the Mediterranean diet I’ve already read:

One of them is by Judy Ridgway and Dr Simon Poole  “The olive oil diet. Nutritional secrets of the Original Superfood”

She’s an author of several olive oil and wine books and a very respected woman in the UK and EU olive oil industry. Dr Simon Poole is a GP working at Cambridge and promoting the Mediterranean diet across the UK and USA. He has written several books about nutrition.

It’s a thorough book written recently in 2016 and gives plenty of information about the olive oil classification, olive oil components, healthy benefits to your body and mind, importance of cooking with evoo to prevent many illnesses or manage the ones you may be suffering , the pillars of the Mediterranean diet and how to buy olive oil and recipes to consume it.

A second book is “The seven wonders of olive oil” by Alice Alech and Cecile Le Galliard

Alice is a French doctor and Cecile is an olive oil expert living in France

It focuses more on the health benefits of the consumption of extra virgin olive oil and the prevention of illnesses with the case studies from GP practice time by Alice while working in the UK and France.

It explains as well what fats are, how they affect our body and why to use extra virgin olive oil in your daily meals to benefit yourself. It includes recipes and some tips on how to use olive oil apart from the meals.

Regarding films I would like to recommend “El olivo” by Iciar Bollain, you can borrow it from Instituto Cervantes in London. It’s a long film from 2016 with some drama and family and business interests at stake.

If you’d like to buy EVOO for St Valentine’s you can choose from my range or if you prefer chocolates then the ones containing EVOO are ideal .Catanias are the most delicious combination of a marcona almond covered in cacao and green lemon or yogulate…I can't describe it with words, both have a unique tasting, they are scrumptious.