Organic september

September news

This month we are celebrating Organic September,the institution Soil Association in UK is encouraging people to buy organic  food and be more conscious with the work of certified producers who choose the option to grow their produce reducing the number of pesticides used to help them increase output  and respecting as well the environment they live in.

Among my olive oil producers two of them are certified organic: Oli Migjorn and Montsagre

Montsagre olive groves are located within the Biosphere Reserve of Lands of the Ebro River, so declared by UNESCO. This space aims to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation and protection of biodiversity.

A limestone soil, excellent climate with dry summers and cold winters, two good olive varieties such as picual and empeltre and  non intensive cultivation practices and only authorized pesticides  makes these extra virgin olive oils unique in flavor and organic certified.

Oli Migjorn is based in Bages county and have dedicated resources to recover an olive grove area and grow again arbequina, picual and corbella varieties.They are around 500 metres above sea level and surrounded by pine trees and local flora and fauna. Their aim is to respect the natural environment and grow local varieties in harmony respecting the flow of nature and selecting the optimum moment to harvest and obtain only by mechanical means oils which get qualified as extra virgin olive oil.

You can buy the products online or you can find me at next market stalls and days. There have been some changes I will stop trading at Putney market and start trading at Tottenham Green market and Enfield market in north London

Enfield market 15th September

Totenham green market 16th September

Fulham street market ( north end road) Saturday 22nd September

Totenham green market Sunday 23rd

Venn street Saturday 29th September

Totenham green market 30th september

 I’ll be in Brighton training with Judy Ridgway, an olive oil expert with many years of experience assessing the quality of olive oils. I’ll write about it in my next blog

Have a good Organic September!