Organic september

New stock arriving ,matching organic September I am bringing from Aragon two evoo called Organic roots and Premium roots

From the región of Aragon we will receive these 2 oils, both are blends of  Empeltre one of the eldest varieties grown in the Iberian soil since the Romans brought us the olive tree and Arbequina.

Mis Raíces, is produced during the first half of November with 80% Empeltre olives and 20% Arbequina olives in their optimum moment of maturation. A medium-high fruity intensity bouquet is perceived in nose, with notes of fresh grass and a delicate touch of fennel (typical of the Empeltre variety). In the palate it shows a smooth entry, with a sweetness standing out over a bitterness and a dash of spice.  

Organic Roots is a premium olive oil produced by selected organic producers, who cultivate their olives trees with pure sustainable and organic methods. Discover this fantastic coupage of empeltre and arbequina olives varieties, belonging to the Denomination Of Origin of Bajo Aragón (Spain).


The differentiating point when buying your olive oil out of the supermarket white brands is the immense flavours you can get when tasting the oils. Presence of nuts, walnuts, almonds, fennel, tomato, fresh grass it makes your senses spread and you’ll feel how nose, mouth, throat perceive flavours in various ways from subtle to moderate and intense. This unfortunately doesn’t always happen when consuming mass produced olive oil.

It all depends on the variety of olives and the farmers skills to preserve the olive tree during the different phases throughout the year and the master miller expertise and machinery used to extract the oil from the fruit and turn it into an exquisite product for your meals.  Time is of the essence , in less than 24h all the olives have gone from harvesting to milling stage and turned into a golden liquid.

One of the measures to value an extra  virgin olive oil is the acidity percentage. It doesn’t mean they have added chemicals to the process, it’s completely the opposite! This acidity refers to the number of natural tryglicerids broken during the extraction process of the oil from the paste of the olives. The lower the level of triglycerids broken the better the results are. Many farmers achieve below 0.3% even though the EU accepts up to 0.8% to qualify as e.v.o.o. At Mis Raices the level is 0.2% for both Organic roots and Premium roots.

What are the key aspects you look for when buying an evoo ? Are your preferences linked to a specific country or to an specific taste? Did you know that the bitter an olive oil is the better is for your health ? Many times the descriptors used are “light olive oil”, “sweet olive oil”, “intense flavor” , cold pressed oil.

Those are marketing tools to capture your attention. An e.v.o.o. should remind you fresh olives, be bitter and pungent, you must feel there’s some burning sensation on the throat when swalling it. Rest safe, when added to food this burning sensation will melt with the ingredients so it won’t feel unpleasant.

I hope you enjoy tasting Mis Raices products which are already exported to USA and I bring them to you to enjoy every day for breakfast ( tomato toast with olive oil and charcuterie or cheese, would you dare to  add to your porridge , lunch ( soups, salads, pasta, humus), dinner ( veggies, salads, lentils soups, burgers and fish)

I include a recipe from a book focusing on recipes from Bajo Aragon where these olive oils come from.

Its called gachas del dia de san martin probably you’ve never heard of them.


100ml evoo empeltre and arbequina

500ml water

750 wheat

4 garlic pieces

8 sardines

4 pieces pancetta

1 pepper


Fry the garlic in the pan with evoo and once they look golden add 500ml of water, warm up the heat until  water boils, add salt and add wheat little by little.

In another pan with evoo add salt and the pepper, once fried add pancetta and the sardines, add salt and let it rest.