Berzas Malaguena with green beans, potatoes and pumpkin

Berzas Malaguena

In a pot with water put a good handful of chickpeas (soaked a day before), a piece of beef, a chicken thigh, an aged bone, a piece of fresh bacon, a piece of aged bacon, a chopped carrot, a leek cut into slices, celery in small pieces and turnip in small slices.

Bring to a boil, foaming. Let it cook until the bacon and chickpeas are tender. Salt to taste. Chop the green beans and add to the stew.

Add potatoes cut into hooves. A tablespoon of one or two fried garlic in a little olive oil and a teaspoon of sweet paprika. Finally add the pumpkin cut also in hooves.

When the potatoes and pumpkin are soft, add black pudding and sliced chorizo. A boil and ready to enjoy a hearty and complete dish.