Pumpkin buñuelos from Valencia

Pumpkin Bunuelos


The pumpkin (approximately 300 grams) is cooked (can also be roasted) so that it softens in a saucepan with a little water, cut into pieces (without skin or seeds).

Drain them well and crush with a fork. Reserve the pumpkin puree and in a bowl a little of the liquid of having cooked them.

In a bowl put 300 grams of flour (I used Harimsa, special biscuits), make a hole in the center and add an egg yolk, half a sachet of yeast (I used Royal), a pinch of salt, three tablespoons of milk, three or four tablespoons of the juice resulting from cooking, pumpkin puree and knead the whole set.

When the mixture is ready, it should be left to stand for about half an hour covered with a tea towel or plastic. After this period of time the dough must be fermented (this is appreciated by the effervescent aspect it presents, the paste will have holes).

To fry them:

Pour cooking extra virgin olive oil ( from ripe olives) generously into a pan, and let it be very hot.

To make the shape you have to take a little dough with one hand, squeezing and making a ball, take it by putting your thumb and index finger and drop on the oil.

The fingers must be wet with water so that the fritters are released.

Fritters will be ready as soon as they have a golden - brown color and swell. After removing them from the oil sprinkle with sugar and eat them hot.

Enjoy them with a cup of chocolate or a sweet Muscat wine. Close your eyes and you will see the fireworks and mascletás of Valencia.