Spanish recipes for summer time

Here there are some Spanish recipes for summer time specially in August where temperatures can be very high.

Zucchini balls

For 4 people

Zucchini 800 g,Grated Parmesan cheese 75 g,Ricotta cheese or cottage cheese 75 g,Bread crumbs 40 g,Egg 1,Dried basil (or any other herb),Salt,Granulated garlic,Ground black pepper,Wheat flour,Extra virgin olive oil for frying


How to Make Zucchini Meatballs

Difficulty: Medium

Total time 50 m

Elaboration 35 m

Cooking 15 m

Rest 1 hour

We wash the zucchini, remove the ends and grate. Season and place in a fine mesh strainer. Let it drain over a deep container for an hour, covering the strainer to protect it from ambient dirt.


The zucchini will have lost a lot of water after this time, but we can get more out by pressing with a spoon. Then we pass them to a clean cloth, roll up the ends and squeeze them so that they release the remains of water that they may contain

In a deep bowl, mix the egg, the Parmesan and ricotta cheeses, the breadcrumbs, the granulated garlic and the basil. Add the zucchini and season to taste. Mix until a homogeneous mass. If the dough is too soft we can add more breadcrumbs. We take portions of the dough, roll them and coat them in flour. Heat plenty of oil in a pan and fry the meatballs over high heat until golden brown on all sides. We drain on a tray with absorbent paper and serve immediately. 


Piquillo peppers with tuna and tomato

Ingredients for 2-3 people1 can of piquillo peppers, 300 gr of tuna/bonito with homemade tomato sauce prepared beforehand, 1 onion, 2 tablespoons of liquid cream, parsley to sprinkle How to make bonito stuffed peppers with tomatoIf you do not have tuna with tomato that you have as left overs, you can do it expressly for this recipe and you will have two recipes for yours. You can also replace the bonito with tomato, for a mixture of bonito or canned tuna, and a few tablespoons of fried tomato, although it will not be as tasty as if you prepare it at home. You can make the bonito with or without pepper, to your liking. We start by crushing with a fork, the leftover tuna with tomato, to make it easier to handle and thus facilitate the filling of the peppers. I usually place each piquillo pepper in my left hand and fill it with a teaspoon, but if it is more comfortable for you to use a sleeve, you can do it your way. In this case, as we are not going to fill them with cream, béchamel or pasta-type filling, but only with crushed tuna, I think it is more convenient to do so.As we fill the peppers, we place them in a clay dish, so that we can give them a touch of heat in the conventional oven or even in the microwave, before serving. To make the sauce, we poach a well-chopped onion, and add a pepper or two from the can, letting them cook a little. I usually take advantage of the ones that break when filling, but if none of them break, I also add a couple of chunks of peppers. When the onion is already done, add two or three tablespoons of thick liquid cream, mix for a few minutes, and pass the sauce through the blender, obtaining a great sauce to top our peppers, which we can already heat in the oven, sprinkle with chopped parsley and bring to the table. Processing time | 20 minutesDifficulty | Very easy 


Gilda tapas

The gilda was born in the Casa Vallés bar in Donostia, founded in 1942 and is still serving impressive food. Actually the "recipe" already existed, but it was not baptized as such until a very witty customer said that the flag was like the character of Rita Hayworth from the movie Gilda, released in 1946: green, salty and a little spicy. The name became popular and this is what this famous skewer is still called today.

Ingredients for 2 peoplePiparra or chilli in vinegar 6 unitsSalted anchovies 6 unitsPitted green olives (although the original is pitted) 12 unitsExtra virgin olive oil

 How to make gildas

Difficulty: Easy Total time 10 m Elaboration 10 m

Arrange all the ingredients around a table to work quickly and assemble the gildas without complications. Prepare some skewers or appetizer sticks and a tray or source to serve the skewers. The original Gilda is prepared with pitted olives because in those years there were no pitted olives, you can choose that version if you prefer to be more faithful to the classic preparation. Drain the chillies or piparras from the canning liquid and cut the tail. It can also be left if desired. Cut each unit into two pieces or leave whole, if they are small. Also drain the anchovy fillets and clean a little of the oil from the canning. I usually prefer to remove this oil to dress them with a good extra virgin that I like and have at home. Assemble each skewer starting with a pitted green olive - it can be stuffed or not. Continue with a portion of piparra and then thread the anchovy folded on itself. Put a half of the piparra back in and finish with another olive. Continue until finishing the skewers and season to taste with good extra virgin olive oil, trying to be generous. Of course, the flags can also be assembled with another arrangement of the ingredients, or leaving the piparras whole. 

Mejillones cabreados: spicy mussels !

The pissed off mussels were nothing more than mussels in a very spicy tomato sauce, extremely spicy. Well, although I have made my own version of the sauce and my own version of the spicy, I have also called them that way so… funny.

Ingredients1 kilo of mussels, 400 g of natural crushed tomato, 1/2 branch of celery, 1/2 onion, 2 garlic, black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of ground chili, extra virgin olive oil and salt.

 How to make pissed off mussels

We clean the mussels by scraping them with a lace (but not with the edge) and remove the "beards". We let them rest /reserve them. In a saucepan we will put a little oil to poach the celery, onion and finely chopped garlic. Add the tomato, pepper, salt (just a little bit) and chili, and when it starts to boil, the mussels. We will cook until they open, then we remove them. Let the sauce cook until it thickens, then remove it from the heat and add the mussels again. We mix and serve hot.

Cold corn soup

This Yellow Corn, Tomato, and Pepper Soup is not only a burst of color, but also a refreshing option for when the heat takes away your hunger.

Ingredients For 4 people 3 ears of fresh corn (or already cooked)300 g of yellow tomatoes1 small yellow bell pepper1 small onion1 cucumber80 ml of extra virgin olive oil3 tbsp apple cider vinegar (or to taste) Salt,Freshly ground pepper,A little cucumber, red onion and parsley for garnish


Remove the leaves and whiskers from the ears and wash them. To grill them, wrap them in aluminum foil, wet them with a little olive oil  and put them in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 25 minutes, until the desired point. To steam them, bring the water in the steamer to a boil and cook the ears for 15-20 minutes or until desired point. To cook them in water, bring plenty of salted water to the boil in a saucepan, add the ears and cook for at least 10 minutes or until desired point. When the ears are cool to the touch, run a knife up and down to cut the corn kernels and transfer them to a bowl. Cut the tomatoes, the peeled cucumber and the onion, clean the pepper and chop it. Add it all to the bowl of corn. Add the extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix, cover and let stand 30 minutes. Blend the vegetables thoroughly until obtaining a fine cream; add as much water as necessary to refine the consistency. Check the seasoning and rectify if necessary. Refrigerate and serve the corn chowder chilled, garnished with chopped cucumber and onion, and parsley.