Moli Coloma

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Extra virgin olive oil from harvest 2023 /2024

Lecciana variety from Catalonia region in Penedes area has an outstanding flavour.

Very balanced oil with intense fruitiness. Sweet when it enters the mouth and bitterness at the end with a spicy finish which makes it singular.

A very Mediterranean oil that reflects the character of the region and expresses the terroir.

A delightful extra virgin olive oil made with the best olives selected at harvesting time when olives turn green to purple colour at their optimum time.

Awarded at several national and international competitions for its extraordinary quality and taste.

Evooleum Worlds Top 100 award: 93 points

New York Olive Oil 2024 : Gold Medal 

Japan Olive oil prize 2023 Gold Medal

Best EVOO Catalonia 2023 : Bronze Medal

New York IOOC 2023 : Silver Medal

Moli Coloma and Sumarroca group are Biosphere Certified committed to the fulfillment of 2030 Agenda and recognized for their sustainable action plan towards the environment they live in.

Bottle 500ml

Organic certified