Almond Stuffed Olives

Olives with almonds

Spanish Gastro Larder

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Green olives with:

  • almonds,
  • salt,
  • preservatives,
  • antioxidants,
  • acidulants and flavour enhancers.

I'm biased but this is the best combination of snacks ever: it's green manzanilla stuffed with an almond

If you love both products this will become your favourite ingredient in your salads soon.

Top of the tops in flavour, the quality of this olive from the Alicante region and the almonds will make you eat non-stop

A delicious ingredient on salads or while drinking a glass of wine or beer

Energy and happiness will flow after you purchase this scrumptious olive combination

They help maintain a balanced diet while enjoying its amazing taste as both olives and almonds are part of the Mediterranean diet food concept.

The process is simple, the manzanilla pit is extracted, almond skin is peeled and both create a unique flavour no other country is capable of offering

The texture is firm and meaty and these olives are picked at an optimal ripe stage to enjoy the full flavour and nutrient value.

Eating 7 olives per day is good for you and your body, I do 7 at lunch and 7 for dinner as I'm totally obsessed with good quality olives.

Once open please keep chilled but probably you'll eat them all in one go!

Feel like a sybarite eating these manzanillas with almonds, enjoy!


  • Net weight 440 grams
  • Drained weight 225 grams