Hojiblanca organic Cordoba

Hojiblanca organic Cordoba


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Organic extra virgin olive oil from Andalucia in Spain

Extraordinary hojiblanca oil from Luque family an organic olive grove located in Cordoba

Its taste will surprise you and add a notch up to all your meals.

Aromas of green gruit, green leaves, artichokes and notes of almonds.

Taste exhibits medium fruitiness, green leaves, some sweetness, some bitterness , pungency and notes of flower and green pepper.

Sublime oil from organic olives harvested in period 2023/2024 when olives are green and there's plenty of polyphenols so you get more taste and plenty of health benefits.

Cold extraction oil at less than 27 degrees to obtain best flavour & maintain bitterness and health attributes from the olives.

7th generation as olive growers and 5th as millers , organic fields since the 80's 

Winner of many awards at international competitions for its quality as NYOOC'23 

SIQEV stamp for outstanding quality extra virgin olive oil

New York Olive Oil Competition 2024 Gold medal

Bottle 500ml