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Manzanilla olives from Spain

You can hear Spanish market stall holders say: Manzanilla para el niño y la niña !

We translate it for: olives for the boys and the girls!

Children love olives whether in Spain or UK or any other place in the world they have a natural attraction to this healthy snack.

From 9 months old you can give manzanilla pitted olive to a child.

At Wimbledon and Teddington markets I sell hundred of containers of these Manzanillas stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and garlic and drizzled with oil.

These green olives come from the Alicante area in the Mediterranean hills and their size and flavour are second to none.

it's a fleshy olive with the perfect balance between pulp and bone, this gets extracted and replaced by garlic pieces or sun-dried tomatoes.

You can consume cold directly from the fridge on top of salads or as an ingredient on pizzas or your office sandwiches.

This manzanilla is sold in a recyclable plastic container, weighted.

Minerals properties from olives are sodium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and calcium; their antioxidant function; and, in addition, the strong presence of oleic acid — the healthiest fatty acid that exists—makes them an ideal food.

I add sundried tomato or garlic ( we can communicate by email)

2 sizes: 

  • Medium 350g
  • Large 430g

Once drizzled consume in 2 weeks maximum