Mediterranean Olive Oil

Argudell - Mediterranean Olive Oil

Mas Auro

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Argudell variety.  Mas Auro


Fine  Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Catalonia a the heart of Emporda county.

Fruity: Intense

Bitterness: Intense

Pungency: Intense


Harvest 2023/2024

Ingredients: 100% evoo juice, obtained by mechanical procedures, cold extraction.

500ml tin

Awards received throughout their lifespan:

Silver medal at London Olive Oil Competition in April 2021

Gold medal at New York International Olive Oil Competition in 2019

Mas Auro has been growing olive trees for 30 years and respects the environment in which they live. Emporda county is one of the most natural and beautiful areas near Costa Brava. They belong to DO Emporda which guides them through the growing, harvesting and production methodology to elaborate quality extra virgin olive oil.

Mas Auro has more than 900 olive trees surrounded by vineyards and pine forests. These trees are 200-300 years old. The soil is dry and salty which gives the extra virgin olive oil a mineral character.

Mas Auro starts harvesting in October and finishes by early November

The olive oil is processed in their own mill. This guarantees that they have control of the entire process. The oil is stored in stainless steel containers at a year-round temperature of 17 degrees +/- 2 degrees.

 They are branded EQOO Extra Quality Olive Oil a prestigious labelling.

 Transport costs £3.90 estimated per 2 tins  (below 2kg)

Distributed in UK only by Spanish Gastro Larder