Spanish Marcona Almonds

Marcona Almonds


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Marcona Almonds are called the "Queen of Nuts" and are regarded as the "supreme champion" in the nut world.

They are highly appreciated for their size, shape and taste. Nutritionally they are identical to regular almonds but the taste is far superior as a Marcona is skinless and roasted in oil and a few salt touches added.

Marconas come from South Eastern Spain and are a new variety developed only about twenty years ago.

They are flatter and more rounded than standard almonds and are sweet, buttery, mild and packed with rich oils.

These delicious almonds taste fantastic already toasted with sunflower oil.

They're crunchy, tasty and are ideal with a glass of wine as an afternoon snack or just in front of your laptop.

Once you have tasted our Marcona almonds, you’ll want them every day as a snack, on salads, pasta or to take with you everywhere for its taste and energy boost.

Origin is from Alicante where the most traditional turron is elaborated with the Marcona almond variety since many decades ago.

Super popular in Wimbledon Village market with all dog walkers as it gives them a fabulous taste and energy to walk non-stop the dogs.

1-kilo bag

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