Spicy Bravas Olives

Spicy bravas olives


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These spicy bravas olives get two names, the Tejanas for its west wild spicy taste or Bravas as it's known in central and south of Spain

Seasoned with paprika ( pimenton de La Vera), oregano, garlic, red pepper, wine vinegar and natural spices, these green olives from Aljarafe in Seville are exquisite!

The pit is preserved so you get a more intense flavour and the paprika combination makes you roll your eyes up with extreme satisfaction

Since more than 40 years ago the Iruela family has been growing olive trees and preparing olives for the public

The flavour remains and the tradition endures.

Full of vitamins A and E & fibre olives are the best snack for children to keep them fed, satisfied and healthy.

These are ideal for adults who want to take care of their health and want to keep their skin sparkly as secondary benefits of eating olives!

If you are an olive sybarite the Tejanas are a fabulous option with Spanish paprika - pimenton de la Vera as one of the "herbs" added to the recipe


  • Green olives with stone
  • water
  • garlic
  • pepper
  • salt
  • vinegar
  • spices and natural aromas.