Wine car boot market sales

Tomorrow Thursday it’s Beaujolais night at Brixton market in South west London and I will be participating with a stall selling Spanish olives , artichokes and toasts with extra virgin olive oil.

They celebrate the nouveaux wine is in the market with the youngest grapes, the ones which belong to this year harvest.

As you may know this period nearly matches with olive harvesting but not all regions harvest at a similar time as it happens with wine.

The harvest session has started in Spain a few weeks ago in some regions such as Andalucia and specifically the areas of Jaen and Cordoba and will finish by the end of February depending on the length of their sites and how long they want to keep the olives on the tree .

Catalonia region started much recently and we will not get new oil until the beginning of December

So far I’m still selling evoo from harvest 18/19 as the producers selected for Spanish Gastro Larder offer such quality you can still appreciate the freshness, fruitiness of the olives and long persistency in the mouth of all its attributes. Rest assured quality is a top criteria when selecting an extra virgin olive oil.

The quality factors as we have mentioned in previous blogs are not personal but defined by the International Olive Oil Council and ranked by a panel test of olive oil tasters.

An extra virgin must not have any defects and the percentage of acidity (number of fatty acids broken in the process of elaborating the oil) is less than 0.8%

Most of the genuine producers reach levels below 0.3% so you’re enjoying the maximum quality possible

Which are for you the criteria for a good olive oil ? do you recognize many reminiscences of fruits when you smell and taste the oil ? the bigger the number of aromas and reminiscences you recognize the more complex it will be an evoo and higher the enjoyment.

For this season I’m bringing new varieties from the area of Granada, their variety is called Loaime

The area was conquered by the arabs more than 500 years ago and we have inherited plenty of their knowledge and vasts numbers of olive trees cover the landscape of Andalucia

It’s not an extended variety, it’s mainly cultivated in Granada, it has reminiscences of walnuts and Granada fruit, it’s amazing!

Please come along to the Wine boot market and taste it, the packaging is perfect for a gift.

Thanks in advance, see you at the event